Using words to infer methodology and formulate hypothesis on a given topic

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Using Lexos or Voyant, the assignment will require students to search for and clean data, infer from content analysis about methodology used, and to formulate a hypothesis about the causation for the topic.


Find 2 news articles or research articles about the use of opioids and drug overdoses in the United States, particularly about how the Criminal Justice system will handle the situation. This should be selected from an online media source (Boston Globe, BBC, New York Times, Fox News) and another from Lexis Nexis or Ebsco Host. The content covered in these sources will vary based on framing, audience or values.  You should have a total of 2 sources. You will provide you with 4 sources that I have already “cleaned” and prepared.
Make sure that your sources as a text file (txt). In Lexus Nexis you can save the file as a txt. You can find news articles and make them into txt documents.
The class will discuss the type of evidence that would improve the validity of several such statements and data collection in class.

In Class (Create Explicit Handout)
Talk about what are appropriate sources for articles and what are valid/scholarly sources
Find two articles (web and Lexis Nexus)
-          Tutorial on how to use Lexis Nexis or EbscoHost
Clean data
-          Open Lexos or Voyant tools
Upload provided articles
Scrub Data
Analyze Data
What do we notice about the evidence in front of us?
What can we infer about the content of the articles?
What “angle” are they using to approach the topic?
Is this inductive or deductive methodology?
Is it possible to overcome bias in the data that we use?
Could we possibly be using biased data for our own research?
How can we avoid this?
Based on this assignment, what are some things to be aware of when conducting your own research?
Moving forward…
Is this inductive or deductive reasoning? Which do you find more appealing for your research?
What is a possible hypothesis for why this phenomenon is occurring? Variables involved?
Based on the information presented, what are some possible outcomes?
Let’s brainstorm topical ideas for your research paper.
What are topics that your are interested in?
What do you want to know about this phenomenon?