Annotation Studio A suite of collaborative web-based annotation tools
ArcGIS A GIS system available as via a web interface as well as a desktop application
Gephi An open source network visualization suite.
Google Colab Google Colab allows users to run python scripts in the cloud.
Google Earth Desktop software to explore satellite photography of the Earth, add annotations, and create tours.
Google Maps Create and share custom, interactive maps.
Google Sheets A free web-based spread sheet program.
Google Sites Website development and hosting from Google.
Jupyter Notebooks A web-based, interactive way to run code with embedded documentation.
Lexos A web-based tool for text analysis
Media Cloud An open source platform for media analysis.
MindMup A browser-based application that allows users to create mind maps and argument maps.
NodeXL An Excel plugin (Windows only) that performs network analysis.
Palladio Data-Driven tools for analyzing relationships across time
Pandas A Python library for conducting data analysis.
SPSS Software for performing statistical analyses
Salem Witch data transformer Transforms network data about the Salem witch trials between a format meant for Paladio to Gephi.
TAGS A Google Sheets template for collecting and analyzing tweets.
Voyant Tools A web-based text analysis tool. A free web-based diagramming application.
get-Tweets A python script for downloading tweets based on searches or a user's timeline.