The Wire network of character speech interactions


A list of character speech interactions in season 1 of The Wire.


In the-wire-network.xlsx, you will find a sheet for each season. Within a sheet, a rows exists for the first time two characters speak to each other in a scene (called a chapter). The columns are:
  • Episode
  • Chapter
  • Vertex 1 (one of the two characters in the interaction)
  • Vertex 2 (the other character in the interaction)
  • Speech type (one of: In-Person, Radio, Beeper, or Phone)
  • Notes
Edges are undirected. A list of characters and how they are referenced in the Vertex 1 and Vertex 2 columns of the-wire-network.xlsx can be found in the-wire-characters.xlsx. That file has the following columns:
  • ID (use this to cross reference with the-wire-network.xlsx)
  • Official Title
  • Full Name
  • Episode Introduced
  • Notes
This dataset was created by Prof. Sam Alexander and the students of HON350: The Network Society when it ran in Spring 2018.



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