Humor Studies as a Social Network

Students use a Google sheet to chart the references in a multidisciplinary set of articles on humor. This data set will be used later in the semester to chart humor studies as a social network and allow them to see major trends or groupings in the scholarly discourse on this topic.


One of the skills we will practice in LST 302 (Methods of Inquiry in the Humanities) is the ability to map the scholarly “conversation” around a topic, question, or problem-- in this case, humor. In our unit on the Digital Humanities near the end of the semester, students use NodeXL to visualize the ongoing scholarly discussion about humor as a social network. Before doing so, they prepare the data set as they move through the readings over the course of the semester. Each student is assigned one reading and asked to create a Google sheet that identifies all the people the author cites or mentions. 

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LST302 Methods of Inquiry in Humanities, Fall 2018


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